High Purity PVC Water Hose

This high purity non-conductive NSF-51/NSF-61 certified, Phthalate-free hose with colored jacket is ideal for potable water and deionized water transfer. Hose construction is silicone-free and the cover is non-perforated and non-marking. Colored jacket reduces chance for algal growth and UV degradation.


Applications: Transfer of portable water, Transfer of deionized water, Induction welding tubing lines, Temporary residential water supply lines, Water transfer lines for semiconductor manufacturing, Applications requiring a non-conductive hose


Click HERE for Spec Sheet.


Tube: Clear phthalate-free PVC compound
Cover: Grey phthalate-free PVC compound
Reinforcement: High tensile strength yarn
Temperature Range: 25ºF to 150ºF (-4ºC to 65ºC)

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