Cut & Couple and Coxreels® are working together to provide a unique one-stop solution. Pair our massive hose portfolio with the industry leaders of heavy duty professional grade hose reels. The Coxreels® team have been serving customers in residential, commercial and industrial settings since 1923 and are proudly made here in the USA.


Hand Crank Reels feature either a direct hand crank or bevel gear system to manually rewind your hose. These reels feature a smooth, trouble-free retraction with maximum operator comfort, thanks in part to the smooth & round handles.

EZ-Coil® Safety Rewind System engages upon recoil to control the spring motor, resulting in a reel that retracts safely at a steady pace. This system works uni-directionally so there is no added resistance when pulling out hose.

Spring-loaded tension motor enables reel to automatically self-retract hose, no need for external power. Multi-position lock ratchet mechanism secures the hose at any desired length. A cost-effective alternative to motor driven reels.

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