Alarm® Booster – Thermocure Fire Engine Booster Hose



Fire Engine Booster Hose

Oil Resistance: Medium-High
Tube: NBR/PVC RMA Class A
Cover: NBR/PVC RMA Class B

Application: Overall, our Alarm® Booster hose is a high quality, all-purpose fire engine hose product that has safe, simple, and easy installment. Moreover, built to take rugged treatment, this hose has a red, NBR/PVC cover that resists abrasion while providing a smooth surface for easy handling, making it the driver’s choice. Furthermore, it is engineered to be dimensionally stable and not flatten or crush reels. It features an SBR/Nitrile tube that is reinforced with multiple spiral aramid yarns. Finally, Alarm® Booster is designed to provide a constant working pressure up to 800 psi for maximum safety.


3/4″ & 1″ ID AVAILABLE – call for pricing – (866) 641-8851

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