PTFE Cell Hose

We Are Proud To Welcome Our New Teflon (PTFE) Cell

Cut and Couple is proud to announce the opening of our new Teflon Cell where only Stainless Steel Braided Teflon hose will be cut, coupled, and bagged for shipment. Teflon has many features, some of which include no cross-contamination, increased efficiency, and value of speed. When purchased through Cut and Couple, we can assure you that your exact needs will be met through customizable fittings, and providing it to you at an affordable price.

Industries Served:

  • Hot Melt Adhesives
  • Chemical Transfer
  • Welding & Compressed Gas Pigtails
  • Extrusion Presses & Plastics Molding
  • Grease & Lubricant Handling
  • Hot Oil Transfer & Heated Hose Assemblies
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Paint, Coating & Airless Spray Systems
  • Cosmetics

How Does Teflon Compare With Its Competitors?

Compared to Industrial Rubber hose, Teflon boasts a much more robust tube construction that stands up to the corrosiveness of chemicals, such as chlorine and its derivatives. Side by side with Metal hose, the flexibility of Teflon cannot be beaten, a workhouse in tight spaces. In addition, the braided stainless steel jacket offers a longer service life and thus less operating costs are easier to handle and have the inherent benefit of safety.

Have questions or would you like to connect with a Cut and Couple team member? Contact Cut and Couple at (866)641-8851.