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Armored Reel™ Fire Hose Assembly



The Armored Reel™ is a quality, dependable fire hose assembly product. Furthermore, it is suitable for use and recommended for skid units, booster reels, industrial reels, forestry and wildland applications. Moreover, this hose has a a one-inch polyester jacket and is intended to replace the heavy rubber hose traditionally used as a booster line. Finally, like the booster line, the Armored Reel™ can be charged while on the reel.

AVAILABLE LENGTHS: 50, 100, 150 & 200 FT

Tube: Synthetic extruded polyurethane
Circularly woven, 100% continuous, virgin high-tenacity polyester (polymer impregnated)
Reinforcement: Helical yarn
Temperature Range: -40ºF to 190ºF  (-40ºC to 88ºC)

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