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FLEXADUX T7 General Purpose Flex Hose

Flexadux T7 Hose

Medium-weight, black thermoplastic Ducting Hose specifically designed for applications with a wide temperature range. Check it out here FLEXADUX T7

Tubular Type Male NPT Holedall Stem

New to our industrial hose coupling stock are External Swage Stems. These tubular holedall fittings are for higher working pressure applications. Check them out here MNPT END TUBULAR TYPE

External Expansion Category


Patriot 1787 Promo Pic

Our tank truck hose portfolio welcomes a new member in U.S. HOSE & COUPLING’s NEW Patriot 1787 Absolute Petroleum hose. Check it out here PATRIOT 1787

3859 Hot Tar & Asphalt

Need a hose that can handle Hot Tar and Asphalt? The newly stocked 3859 transfer hose is specifically designed for this and other high temperature petroleum based products. Check it out here HOT TAR & ASPHALT

3859 Hot Tar & Asphalt Hose

GORILLA II Air & Multi-Purpose Hose

Gorilla Yellow 500WP Air & Multipurpose Hose

We now stock ContiTech Gorilla II Air & Multi-Purpose hose. This 500 psi WP workhorse is found in just about every industry there is. Check it out here GORILLA II

BAUER-TYPE Industrial Fittings

We now carry a new line of Bauer-type “Ball & Socket” fittings. These are the industry leading fitting worldwide for agricultural, waste, and water transfer. Quick disconnect pipe system at its finest! Check it out here BAUER-TYPE FITTINGS

Bauer Type Band On Set

SANITARY Hose Bumpers & Hose Risers

Hose Bumpers and Hose Risers Category

We are now offering FDA approved Sanitary Hose Bumpers and Hose Risers!  Protection and durability is the name of the game. Check it out here SANITARY BUMPERS & RISERS

PLIOVIC PLUS Multipurpose Hose

ContiTech created PLIOVIC PLUS as an affordable, multi-purpose solution to spray air, water and many industrial chemicals. Check it out here PLIOVIC PLUS

Pliovic Plus Blue Image


Flexsteel 250 Image

ContiTech’s Flexsteel 250 is used in refineries, shipyards, chemical plants, steel mills, foundries and heavy industrial applications where high strength is required and where severe environmental conditions are encountered. Check it out here FLEXSTEEL 250


The NEW Patriot Extreme Chemical Hose lineup from U.S. HOSE & COUPLING is here!!! Offered in Smooth Cover and Corrugated, this lightweight and flexible chemical suction and discharge hose is versatile and tough! Check them out here CHEMICAL HOSES

Patriot Lineup

BREWT Brewery Specific Rubber Hose

Flexible BrewT Hose

Alfagomma’s new BREWT liquid suction & discharge hose is designed specifically with Brewhouse conditions in mind. Extremely flexible compared to other hoses in its class therefore cutting down the likelihood of a kink when trying to navigate a busy brewhouse floor. Check it out here BREWT

K-TOUGH PVC Hose for High Pressure

K-Tough by Kuriyama is your go to for a wire and yarn reinforced PVC suction & discharge hose. Many applications across industries from mining to tank truck. Check it out here K-TOUGH

K Tough Hose