custom hyrdaulic hose assembly

2 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Own Hose Assembly

Although having everything at our fingertips when on the internet can be beneficial, sometimes it can be confusing. Does someone carry the exact hose that you are in need of? Are the specifications correct?

Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider building your own assembly:

  • Customization: Not every hose assembly is the same. Different jobs require different parts, so having the ability to create your own assembly on Cut and Couple’s website is a game-changer!
  • Flexibility: With the choice between no fittings, one fitting, or two, the combinations are endless when picking out materials. You also have the ability to note special requests for the particular assembly so it is perfect when it arrives.

No matter what job the hose is for, Cut and Couple is able to provide you with the correct materials and expertise that you need. Questions? Contact us at (866)641-8851.