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Welding Hoses

Welding HosesClean welds require the steady flow of gas, and nothing matters more for this process than using high-quality welding hose. Using welding hose of poor quality can result in kinks, tears in the hose, the erratic flow of gas resulting in poor welds and gas leaks which could result in injury and even death.

Our welding hoses meet or exceed RMA and Compressed Gas Association requirements. The air mandrel cure eliminates clogged nozzles, assures a non-contaminated tube and promotes an even flow of gas to the nozzles. Our welding hoses feature multi-spiral construction for maximum kink resistance. They also have specially designed covers with multi-ventilated pores that enhance welder safety by dispersing permeating gases.

We stock all types in tuline or single-line welding hoses for use in a variety of welding environments and applications. This lightweight hose is available in Grade R, Grade RM and Grade T. Grade R is your most common tuline with a corrugated cover for applications that will only be running oxygen and acetylene only. Grade T is the premium of welding hoses when all fuel gases need to be a factor.

Types of Welding Hoses:

  • Grade R
  • Grade RM
  • Grade T

Industries Served:
  • Welding
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Petroleum
  • Mining
  • And more!


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