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Water Hoses

Water carries an extensive line of water hoses, consisting of garden hose, water suction hose, water discharge hose, wash down hose, and many other varieties.

Our water hoses range from heavy duty water discharge hose, for use where tougher operating conditions exist and high pressures are needed, to lighter-duty water discharge hoses for use in construction and irrigation environments.

Our water hoses include the following:

  • Water suction hoses
  • High pressure water hoses
  • Layflat water discharge hoses
  • Water hoses for paper mill applications (where there is hot water and pulp)
  • Water discharge hoses for light to medium weight
  • Water hoses for washing machine drains
  • Water hoses for washing machine inlets
  • Water hoses for municipal water hookups
  • Green garden water hoses
  • Heavy duty contractor water hoses
  • Many more applications

Contact us if you have any application regarding a water hose - we're sure our broad product line will include your water hose solution.

Types of water hoses:  
  • Garden hose
  • G/S water hose
  • Water suction hose
  • Water discharge hose
  • Wash down hose
  • PVC water layflat hose
  • Low temperature water hose
  • Booster hose
  • And many more!

Industries Served:
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Earthmoving
  • Agriculture
  • Pulp and plywood mills
  • Drilling
  • Food industries
  • Industrial
  • And many more!

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