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Material Handling Hoses

Material Handling HosesMaterial handling hose can be used in many industrial applications where a gum tube or natural rubber tube is a must when moving abrasive material. These hoses can be for discharge only use or suction and discharge for return lines on sand or metal shaving applications. They are also applicable for moving materials such as concrete (dry and wet), plaster, hay, silage, canning waste, dried leaves and street litter.

Working in dredge applications, for example, requires highly durable and heavy-duty hose capable of carrying heavy and abrasive materials at high speeds over long distances. All of our material handling hoses have excellent weathering abrasion resistance, and many are resistant also to moisture, ozone and aging. Many of our material handling hoses are also build to handle high pressure working conditions as would be involved in pumping plaster, grout or concrete-like materials to construction placement sites. Multiple plies of reinforcement enable these hoses to perform at high constant working pressures.

Types of Material Handling Hoses:  
  • Dredging sleeves
  • Sand suction
  • Sand and cement discharge
  • The transfer of hot air
  • FDA material suction
  • Plaster and concrete
  • Rock dust
  • And more
Industries Served:
  • Construction
  • Tank haulers
  • Dredging Rivers
  • Food Industries
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Pulp & plywood mills
  • Logging
  • Mining

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