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LPG (Liquid, Propane & Gas) Hoses

Liquid Propage Gas HoseLiquid, propane and gas hoses are used in many applications where you might need to heat large or small systems. This hose is designed specially for use in transferring liquefied petroleum gases at peak efficiency.

When you’re working with liquid, propane and natural gas safety is always a concern. These highly flammable substances can be ignited by the smallest of sparks. Additionally, leaking these materials can be expensive and damaging to the environment. Professionals working with liquid, propane and natural gas hoses know that cutting corners with your equipment can be disastrous to your health and the efficiency and profitability of your operation.

We offer large hoses designed for the transfer of liquid propane and gas between the docks and tankers – an operation in which the safety and integrity of the equipment used is of the utmost importance for preventing accidents and environmental contamination - as well as small hoses for conveying less volume. Some of our hoses are specifically engineered for working in extreme sub-zero temperatures – a demanding environment. Whatever your gas transportation application we have hoses built to safety specifications to ensure your operation runs smoothly and safely.

Types of LPG Hoses:  
  • Type 65 butane
  • Type 75 butane-propane
  • Polar-flex
  • And more!
Industries Served:
  • Residential homes
  • Storage Tanks
  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • And more!

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