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Ferrules & Fittings carries a wide variety of fittings and ferrules for many industrial applications. We offer a wide range of low pressure to high pressure hoses, besides an extensive selection of fittings and hose diameters. We carry a wide range of connections for many applications such as air, water, sand, petroleum, concrete, plaster, and many more.

When working in demanding industrial environments and using hoses to transport a number of materials and chemicals, some under extreme pressures and temperatures, the quality of the couplings and crimps is of the utmost importance. Hose joints are inherently the weakest places in a sealed line and the most likely to have failures or leaks. For this reason employing ferrules and fittings of the highest quality should be top priority.

With the option of crimping on most Industrial hose fittings, we are your number one choice for industrial hose assemblies.

Some of the features of our ferrules & fittings:

  • Maximum number of serrations for maximum holding power
  • Long lead serrations for easier hose insertion
  • Formed hex wrench area on ¾” through 1-½” combination nipples for easier installation
  • Multiple connection types including UniversaLock, hand tightened nut, hex wrench nut, etc
Ferrules & Fillings

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