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Chemical Hoses

Chemical is proud to have a full line of chemical hoses that will suit your needs. Chemical hoses are used in a variety of industrial applications such as tank haulers, manufacturing plants, and many more. Our chemical transfer hoses are capable of handling 98% of all common industrial chemicals and have been rated at full vacuum. Our acid chemical suction hoses and discharge hoses are certified to handle many inorganic acids, including specialized hoses to handle the strong oxidizing agents such as nitric, chromic and concentrated sulphuric acids. We also have hoses capable of handling aromatic and alphatic hydrocarbons and halo generated hydrocarbons, animal oil, vegetable oil and a wide range of chemicals.

Our chemical hoses offer covers that are oil, abrasion and chemical resistant, and many offer spiral steel helix reinforcement to ensure structural integrity in a full vacuum environment.

Whatever your chemical transport needs, don’t run the risk of spill or injury – view our catalog today for your chemical hose solution.

Working with industrial chemicals is dangerous for both workers and for the environment. As such, there are strict regulations in place for the handling and transport of these chemicals.

Types of Chemical Hoses:  
  • Ultra-chem
  • Acid suction & discharge hose
  • Chemical B
  • XLPE
  • And More!
Industries Served:
  • Tank haulers
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Food industries
  • Farming
  • And more

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